Register of interests

Evans, David

This register of interests was published on Thursday, 1st June, 2017, 12.09 pm.

I, Evans, David, being a Member of Powys County Council give notice that I have the following financial and other interests which are required to be recorded in the statutory public register, as set out below:

1. Details of any employment or business carried on by you?
Name of Employer or Body Description of Employment Activity
Self Employed Chartered Surveyor
Self Employed Auctioneer
Self Employed Sales and Lettings; Private Treaty and Tender; Property Valuations and all associated professional work
Self Employed Farmer
Self Employed Letting Self Catering Cottages
2. Name of any person who employs or has appointed you, name of any firm in which you are a partner and / or name of any company for which you are a remunerated director
Name of Person / Firm / Company
Clare Evans and Co. Rhayader
3. Details of any person, other than your authority, who has made a payment to you in respect of your election or any expenses incurred by you in carrying out your duties as a member
Name of Person / Body Making Payments
Dyfed-Powys Police Authority - Allowance Received
4. Details of any corporate body which has a place of business or land in your authority's area, and in which you have a beneficial interest in a class of securities of that body exceeds the nominal value of £25,000 or one hundredth of the total issued share capital of that body.
Name of Body / Company
5. Details of any contract for goods, services, or works made between your authority and you or a firm in which you are a partner, a company of which you are a remunerated director, or a corporate body specified in (4) above
Name of Firm / Company / Corporate Body Type of Contract (i.e. goods, services or works)
6. Details of any land in which you have a beneficial interest and which is in the area of your authority
Address / Description of Land Nature of Interest in Land
Hafan Gymreig, Rhayader, Powys. Residential Interest
Nantserth House, Rhayader Beneficial Interest
Conyn Cottage, Rhayader Beneficial Interest
Llidiart Carnau, Rhayader (Smallholding) Beneficial Interest
Gamallt Hill, Rhayader 275 acres Beneficial Interest
2 parcels of Agrcultural Accommodation Beneficial Interest
Land fomerly part of Lower Cefnfaes Farm Beneficial Interest
7. Details of any land where the landlord is your authority and the tenant is a firm in which you are a partner, a company of which you are a remunerated director, or a body of the description specified in (4) above.
Address / Description of Land Name of Firm / Company / Corporate Body
8. Details of any land in your authority's area in which you have a licence (alone or jointly with others) to occupy for 28 days or longer
Address / Description of Land
9. Details of any body to which you have been elected, appointed or nominated by your authority
Name of Body Position
Dyfed-Powys Police Authority Member
Elan Valley Trust, Nr. Rhayader Member
10. Details of membership of any public authority or body exercising functions of a public nature
Name of Public Authority / Body Position Held
Rhayader Town Council Member
11. Details of membership of any company, industrial and provident society, charity or body directed to charitable purposes
Name of Company / Society / Charity or Body Position Held
12. Details of membership of any body whose principal purposes include the influence of public opinion or policy
Name of Body Position Held
13. Details of membership of any trade union or professional association
Name of trade union / professional association Position Held
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Fellow
14. Details of membership of any private club, society or association operating within Powys County Council's area, where you hold a position of general control or management
Name of club, society or association Position Held
Rhayader Market Hall & Smithfield Trust Vice-Chairman
Bryntilli Windfarm Trust Member
Rhayader 2000, Ltd Board Member
Rhayader Christmas Tree Committee Secretary
Rhayader Young Farmers Club Vice-President